Arrival and First Day

It is easy to travel to EC Montreal school by public transit. Students should allow themselves plenty of time on their first day to arrive at school. We ask students to bring along their passport, health insurance policy, Letter of Acceptance, Study Permit and funds for payment of any outstanding fees.

First day begins at 08:30. Proof of insurance is necessary in order for the student to start class.

Once students arrive at the school, they are evaluated so that we can place them in the appropriate level. The evaluation consists of a written and an oral test.

On first day, students have the evaluation, registration, and information session about school services, as well as a guided walking tour of the school surroundings.

It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete all the steps of registration on the first day. In the months of July through September, it may take longer.

24 Lessons and 30 Lessons students begin their classes as of 13:30 on the first day. All other students begin their classes at 09:00 on the next day.

Airport Transport

EC offers a transfer service from the airport to student accommodation upon arrival and departure. We can provide this service as long as we know the exact arrival (date, time, airline and flight number) no later than 48 hours preceding the transfer.

2016/17 Airport Transfers - one way: C$120

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