Private French lessons in Montreal. Make maximum progress during a short period of time. Designed by your teachers to match your own specific linguistic needs, this private tuition French course is 100% flexible and personal, focused entirely on your requirements.

You’ll get more out of this French course if

  • You want to improve your French level in a short time
  • You wish to target your areas of weakness and build your confidence
  • You would benefit from more time with a teacher

What can you expect on this private French course?

Individual focus

No distractions: just you and your personal teacher. Your lessons will be designed to suit your linguistic needs exactly. In this nurturing, supportive environment you will receive your teacher's undivided attention, as well as constructive feedback, practice, encouragement and motivation.

Maximum flexibility

The flexibility and expertise of our teachers allows you to choose the language that you want to learn - from helping you understand the grammar point that has always confused you to learning the French in a certain field of interest.

Meet your needs

Continuous monitoring from your teachers enables them to identify the areas you specifically need to work on in order to progress. Together with your teacher, you will address your weak language areas and work towards strengthening them. Students select their own schedule on this course.


  • Minimum Level: All levels
  • Courses start: Every Monday
  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Minimum 2 lessons
  • Course Materials: $10 per week


  • 1 lesson: C$80